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The Spiral

You may note the spiral in the background of my campaign materials; it means a lot to me personally.

During my first independent archaeological research, in the mountains of central and southern Arizona, I found spiral designs, among other petroglyphs or rock art, which Native Americans had pecked into rock faces several thousand years ago. We don't know what spirals meant to these ancient artists, but in our world today the spiral variously symbolizes:

  • Balance

  • Progress

  • Direction

  • Listening

  • Centering

  • Expanding

  • Awareness

  • Connection

  • Development

I like the notion of 'centering' and 'expanding' being represented by the same symbol. Which of these forces is in effect depends on whether we start at the outside or the in, for centering and expanding are directions along the same path.

And I especially like this motif as a symbol for 'listening' – because as a County Council member that is what I do whenever the people have concerns they wish to discuss or questions I might answer.


What is this symbol?

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